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    Goddamnit, I’m Homesick

    I think the travel blogging/digital nomad set wants you to believe that we're fearless adventure Beyonces 100% of the time. But today, I woke up as a small child in a damp, cold hole who just wanted to go home.

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    #YouthNotes: America, Do Better

    It’s high-time for another round of #YouthNotes, where I hang with as many youth workers in as many countries as possible, tryna learn about the communities of young minds that they serve. (If you’re confused, read up more here!) In this installment, we hopped down to Wellington and explored an age-old question: Ok, but are you legit? In the US, lawyers have to pass the dreaded Bar to practice law; each state has its own rules of certification if you want to teach. What happens when a whole country agrees to certain standards you must pass in order to mold young minds as a youth worker? In Wellington, we learned about a…

  • A filipino american woman in tech on her first day at a tech company, lunging in front of a poster that says "This Is Your Company Now." This woman quit her job to travel two years later.
    Youth Work

    #YouthNotes: An Intro

    You know how people say stuff like, Find out what makes you come alive, or Do what you love and let it kill you? My answer’s been set for a while: Youth empowerment. Teen programming. Supporting under-served populations of young geniuses. My work with young creators, especially through social work and after school/summer camp programming, has both kicked me alive and steamrolled the ever-living snot out of me — and I’m still in love. That’s a decent sign, right?     Helping young people believe in their magic has been my north star. And, wonderfully, it’s Peter’s, too. Peter taught youth writing workshops in New York and Michigan; served in the Peace…

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    How I Was Scared Shitless (But Did It Anyway)

    Alright, so: I was going to do a whole recap post of the last few days — the 36 hours of travel, our 15-mile jaunt through Auckland, how mind-blowing it is to finally put our feet down half-way across the world in accomplishment of a hard-earned dream. But then I realized that there’s a huge topic to cover, a whole feelings-chapter to honor, that encompassed most of my waking days before leaving — one that I had lowkey resented so many hyper-idealistic travel bloggers for not talking about in their pursuit of perfect-life documentation. It’s fear. It’s how I was really, really scared. It’s the uncharacteristic, full-body resistance I felt…

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    Brown Girl, You Belong

    I started drafting this on a bus and then started crying. That’s how I knew it was important for me to write. I dedicate this one to Jaz — a young and brilliant creator, activist and fellow Filipina who sent me a beautiful message about representation and inspired me to write. Hope you like!

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    Where Are The Brown/Funny/Honest Travel Bloggers?

    Hi, friends! Berna here. I’m the brown one in the obnoxious banner up top. If you’re confused, here’s more about us, and here’s more about me. Let’s dive right in, shall we? Like a true type-A child of first-generation immigrants slash overachieving Bay Area Millennial Asian (SHE’S ASIAN?!), the second Peter and I decided to Do This Thing, I did my Favorite Thing: I dove mouth-first into hours of obsessive travel bloggers’ research. We had a thousand questions — How does a functional human budget for a year of travel? Do they sell tampons in Jakarta? Which pancreas do people typically sell to fund an Australian work visa? Thankfully, the…

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    What’s (in) my Bag? – Peter

    When I first left for college an entire car was filled with things I thought I couldn’t live without. When I left for the Peace Corps I had two checked bags and a large pack. Moving to San Francisco I brought a duffel and backpack. For this trip, I’ll be bringing one bag. Understanding what’s important when travelling is different for everyone. For me, being able to have everything on my back and ready for multiple weather situations is key. My packing lists have evolved over the years and below is my most recent iteration. A lot of these items I’ve had for years and some I bought for this…