Life Ass-Backwards, and Other Things I Do Well

I am so mentally backblogged, I’m pretty sure I sweat witty-phrases-for-later out of my pores. In Georgia font.

On the personal front:

  • Just moved into a house with 5 girls, 2 boys and 0 vacuums
  • Had class from 9am to 10pm yesterday, 2 hours of which was spent doing individual intros in a 90-person class
  • Fried at USC’s Involvement Fair, which was scheduled so conveniently when HELIOS IS AT HIS ANGRIEST.

But my life is not the ass-backwards thing I wanted to talk about.

I’m an avid reader of Penelope at BrazenCareerist, probably the most open, my-life-is-yours blogger that isn’t creepy and/or 12. She offered an interesting piece of advice yesterday to Gen-Y’s favorite overachievers: Budding entrepreneurs.

Here’s some advice for everyone who is starting a company: Write your big press release first, before you do anything at all. And then work backwards. Map out the milestones you need to make the press release come true, and that tells you how to run the first stage of your startup.


It’s like, the new a/s/l — except, a/m/ee: Age, Major, Entrepreneurial Endeavor. And hey, I was in that boat not too long ago. For me, the difficulty of the “start” part of a start-up was like pulling teeth. Out of my arm. After having bitten myself out of frustration.
(PS: A new friend o’ mine, Tyler Hayes, offered me fantastic advice on just starting; That’s another blog in itself, but if thou art with headphones, listen to this rather-vulgar speech Tyler passed onto me by Merlin Mann)

But living life ass-backwards?
Now that’s something I can do.

Seems to be working out for her.

I’ve been contemplating my often-irritating tendency to want to please – please a boss, please a president, please a hunger for Chano’s – which triggers the kind of doubt absolutely unsuitable for entrepreneurs. But maybe it bugs me because it’s not my expectations I’m trying to fulfill; it’s usually someone else’s. With this strategy, you’re basically doing the fake-it-till-you-make-it dance but to your own music — and Lord knows that’s gotten me far before. Fooled USC admissions well enough, right?

So if you’re a Debby Doubter like me, try these simple steps:
Play make-believe.
Then hold yourself to it.


Click to Answer!This one’s a little more PostSecret-y, but I’d love to hear from you:
What kind of things do you pretend to do or be?

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