Tumblidentity Crisis

This post was originally written in my Tumblr. That’s where I’ve been the past 3 months.
I’d call it: An insanity plea and declaration of truce between my social networks, my “personal brand” (they’ve really gotta come up with a less pretentious name for that), and my over-analytical brain.

Enjoy, and welcome back!
(…That was to both me and you.)


There’s no way to make your Tumblr private. Did you know that? Unless you make a completely private Tumblr (for which, you’d have to totally start over, and even then you’d have to either invite “authors” to see it or share individual URLs to each post), there’s no way to share your Tumblr with just your followers. Facebook has it. Twitter has it. Tumblr don’t.

Therefore, I had to re-evaluate. What exactly am I doing here? My Tumblr’s my notebook. It’s my diary. It’s my scrapbook. It’s my moleskine.
My Tumblr ain’t my resume.
But these days, anything public is.



  • If someone I followed were publicly, verbally, recounting their day every damn day, I sure as hell wouldn’t read it. I mean, really, were you reading it?
  • The number one thing I hate about social media is all the useless noise. All that GHSH/recounting without any lessons learned or takeaways… Noise. That might work for some, but as a future new-media journalist & PR-pro-in-training, it was sort of irresponsible and more-than-sort-of narcissistic. Also, it belongs in a journal. A handwritten journal. A lost art.
  • If I found that a 20-year-old were basically keeping a tell-me-about-your-day Xanga, via Tumblr, via anything, I’d judge. Hard.
  • I love writing. Real writing. My real-life blog (hereto referred to as “Real Life”), which I put a lot of work into making, is incredibly dusty. As is the left side of my brain. I should be taking this time to put useful things out into the world.

Step 1: Organize. Step 2: Preach.Having to organize my social media use is incredibly annoying and proof that maybe social media, in the bigger picture, hasn’t streamlined much at all. But I digress (AS I SHOULD! REAL BLOG ALERT!). It’s the tools of my trade and to some degree, us future executive-communicators have to play by the rules.
And here on the intrawebz, for all of us rising yuppies at the mercy of the job market, here’s what I think the #1 Rule is: You’re a Brand. Act like it.

I shoulda known.



  • Tumblr: Thoughts/reblogs not exceeding 100 words; Project 365 (starting where I left off with GHSH); Links to my longer Real Life blogs, if you’re feeling masochistic; basically all my friends really need to see, minus the narcissistic bullshit. A Notebook… not a Diary. Not necessarily updated daily.
  • Real Life: Thoughts exceeding 100 words; things that I’d actually like to intellectually discuss via comments; editorial, video, graphic design projects; basically all I’d like the rest of the world to see. The thought of doing this daily freaks/tires me out & that’s the way it should be. A challenge!
  • Twitter will just be the village-freaking-bicycle and get all of it.


It is incredible how much thought this took, and now I’m realizing — this bad boy belongs in Real Life.
Maybe this was narcissistic noise, too.
In that case, find someone else’s blog to read.
This feels right to me.

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