Senza Rimpianti: Homo Italianus

The newest addition to my editing projects — this time, a super-quick-turnaround project (and by quick, I mean 3 hours) for our Italian Conversation & Cuisine Class. (Yup. It’s exactly as incredible as it sounds. For example, this is our midterm assignment, and tomorrow we’re cooking homemade pasta in an award-winning kitchen.)

The assignment: To make an Italian PSA about the importance of eating healthy Mediterranean food. For non-Italiano speakers, what we’re getting at here is your classic Discovery Channel omnipotent-narrator episode. Consider the fact that these are in fact, real American boys, and real Italian boys that we begged 5 minutes before, in broken Italian.

Judge not my English accent nor my fake visual laughter.
Judge instead our grossly general assessment of American boys.

And then consider whether or not it’s really kinda true.

I had missed tinkering with iMovie so much. It’s strange to admit, but video editing is one of the few things that puts me in flow. My editing muscle was on the brink of atrophy & I’ve gotta say, this felt good.

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