Senza Rimpianti: Moral & Pestle

An incredible mentor & good friend recently asked me, via e-mail:
“If you could summarize the changes you’ve gone through in the past 3 months, how would you do it?”

I’ve surprised myself with my quick answer.
(And my brevity; I practically had a hernia trying to come up with a senior quote in high school) thought about your summarizing-changes question. I feel like, before coming here, I was a vessel of loosely packed bits of information, experiences, morals, hopes, all kind of clanging around.

Studying abroad has stuck a mortar through my head (the kind you use for cooking) and mixed & spiced up & packed everything down, everything I am. Created a whole new universe and then compressed it.

Many elements have changed, some are the same, but I’m certainly coming out of this semester with really solidified principles and experiences and a TON of room for everything else I now want from the world.

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