What’s your old password? Why?

I glanced over while a stranger unlocked his Mac in class today and thought, If I knew his password, I could probably tell a lot about him. Passwords can range from the first arbitrary thing they saw on their desk that day to some real sticky, secrety stuff. What matters is, it’s for your brain only — so I imagine people come up with really interesting things.

  • I know a guy whose password is his nickname for his 4th grade crush. He’s 27.
  • I know a girl whose password is the French word for “laugh.”
  • I know a guy whose password is the car he’ll buy one day, and that’s the day he’ll finally call himself successful because he bought it without the help of his absent dad.


My longest-running, all-encompassing password until around 2002. I don’t remember what it was before that, but one day my computer inexplicably crashed, completely wiping out all 7 of my pictures of my feet and dog, all the ‘NSync lyrics I had saved in Word docs, all of my Rollercoaster Tycoon settings, everything. Natch, I was PISSED.
So when Windows asked me for a new password? I sucked my braces and scowled.


Take that, Gatesface.

Secrets totally make friends.
Secrets totally make friends.

Your turn!
Comment: What’s your old password? Why?

(Feel free to be anonymous, or e-mail me at bernadetteanat[at]gmail.com.
I’m gonna keep asking until I get a Tonka trunk of responses. So pass along, if you will!)

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