About Me

Yay, you’re here! Welcome.

Technically, I’m Bernadette.
But unless you’re my mom and you’re mad at me, I go by Berna.
Here’s my face!


I’m sorry/Thanks for looking at it!


I’m a writer, a video producer, a youth advocate, a fairly good auntie and a very easily excitable human. My favorite things include serving and empowering young people, fighting with Adobe Premiere, and falling asleep while playing my ukulele.

Last year, my partner and I finished off over $50,000 in student loans. And to celebrate, we quit our jobs, bought one-way tickets to New Zealand, and are now traveling wherever we want for the whole year.

Seriously! Lookit:




I’m currently running all around New Zealand, backpacking and car camping and Living, Baby. Living.

But also, I’m working on a few personal projects, including:

Felicia’s Wallet: A Youtube series of personal finance videos for young people

Ticket 2 Blog: A podcast with one o’ my fave travel bloggers about how to become a blogger and a traveler without losing your mind or selling your soul

In my most recent adult life back in the US, I was the Teen Community lead at Instagram. Just before that, I was in New York City working as a teen advisor & teen camp program director (basically a Cool Aunt version of a high school teacher) for the YMCA, and doing freelance writing/video producing when I should’ve been sleeping. My portfolio includes work for Seventeen & Seventeen.com, Glamour & Glamour.com, Shape.com, The Huffington Post, SundanceTV and Scholastic, to name a few.



Well, a lot of very kind people have recruited me to do some incredible things.
I’m often asked:

To produce fun videos; I’ve done ones for travel, education, corporate sponsorships, teen advice, even a few bar mitzvahs

To write web articles on topics ranging from flirty Snapchats to bartender etiquette

To design youth-focused lesson plans and curriculum, answering questions like “How do we, adults at a major beauty brand, discuss social media with a panel of youngin’z?” or “How could a group of social workers inform NYC teens about their rights when interacting with police?”

To get lunch and consult upon “what teens are even up to these days” (My personal favorite.)

I’ve also been told I’m really, really good at being happy for you.
If you need me for any of the above, I’d love to hear it!

You can keep hearing me talk about myself here. What’s new with you?


And now, for your further stalkage, some articles about my previous worklives: 

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