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    A Bish Loves Books: My Best Reads of 2018

    “Yo Berna, you watch this show, right? You saw this movie? You listen to this podcast? You caught that Netflix special?!”NAAO. NO, OKAY?! The answer’s usually no, and here’s why: A bish. Loves. TO READ. I totaled it up today: I read 62 books in 2018. That’s 54 new books, plus 8 re-reads of books I already love, and also 9 books that I started but got distracted by a squirrel and never finished. That’s a book every 6 days. That’s something I’m hella proud of.  To be fair, while I was traveling for 11 straight months through countries that LAUGHED at my WiFi addiction, my Kindle never failed. And…

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    How to Quit the Internet (Temporarily)

    And now, a thing that only a Millennial could say with both narcissistic pride and sadistic pleasure: I just took almost a full month off of the Internet. (AND LIVED.) My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner. If this is something you want to do, please: Steal my plan.

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    Is Long-Term Travel Lonely? Let Me Ask My Own Sad, Lonely A** Real Quick

    Traveling the world and working on our passions? Those are two outrageous luxuries that I don’t ever want to take for granted. But it seems we’ve chosen these luxuries at the expense of others. Because you know what else is luxurious? Getting to watch your only living grandparent excitedly kiss every one of her 17 grandchildren on her 89th birthday. I’m not afraid to say that sometimes, missing out on home sucks balls and I'm fit to book a ticket back.

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    How One Compliment Changed Literally Everything

    I'm sitting here torn between wanting to cry and wanting to moisturize my goosebumps. You ever get that? Let me back up. Out of pure and procrastinate curiosity, I was scrolling through my unpublished Wordpress drafts when this precocious title caught my eye: The Greatest Day of My Journalistic Life. Last edited: June 24, 2010. I settled in to LOL, but what I actually found made my breath catch. I had stepped back in time to an incredibly intimate and pivotal life moment for baby-me. It was the first day I ever felt seen. Allow me to set the scene.

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    How I Was Scared Shitless (But Did It Anyway)

    Alright, so: I was going to do a whole recap post of the last few days — the 36 hours of travel, our 15-mile jaunt through Auckland, how mind-blowing it is to finally put our feet down half-way across the world in accomplishment of a hard-earned dream. But then I realized that there’s a huge topic to cover, a whole feelings-chapter to honor, that encompassed most of my waking days before leaving — one that I had lowkey resented so many hyper-idealistic travel bloggers for not talking about in their pursuit of perfect-life documentation. It’s fear. It’s how I was really, really scared. It’s the uncharacteristic, full-body resistance I felt…

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    Why Representation Matters | Brown Girl, You Belong

    So, I quit my job. Three months ago, I became debt free. Three days ago, I quit my job to travel indefinitely. And as I walked out of the Instagram offices for the last time, not gonna lie: I was a little sad to be dropping out of the rat race — not because I’d miss my old life, but because of a lil’ thing called representation. Of course, it’s exciting and sexy and deliciously middle-finger-to-the-man to drop life and travel. It does feel like a bragging point to be like, “Y’all have fun with your 13-meeting work days! And abusive relationships with Outlook! And cramping while climbing the corporate…

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    Dear 17-Year-Old Me That Was Afraid To Grow Up

    I wrote this on a plane an hour ago, and am sitting in the terminal publishing it, wildly unedited, because I know if I don’t do it now, I’ll get distracted and will never do it. Also, Trump is one of our presidential candidates. So, clearly, you just never GD know what’ll happen.   Dear 17-Year-Old-Me That Was Afraid To Grow Up, Dope. We’re talking! How crazy is that? Do I tell you to drop everything and go figure out leave-in conditioner ASAP? Nah. This won’t be that kind of letter. (But, like, after you read this.) I’m almost 27 now. Kind of revolting, right? What you don’t know — what you’ll…