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    How I Was Scared Shitless (But Did It Anyway)

    Alright, so: I was going to do a whole recap post of the last few days — the 36 hours of travel, our 15-mile jaunt through Auckland, how mind-blowing it is to finally put our feet down half-way across the world in accomplishment of a hard-earned dream. But then I realized that there’s a huge topic to cover, a whole feelings-chapter to honor, that encompassed most of my waking days before leaving — one that I had lowkey resented so many hyper-idealistic travel bloggers for not talking about in their pursuit of perfect-life documentation. It’s fear. It’s how I was really, really scared. It’s the uncharacteristic, full-body resistance I felt…

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    Why Representation Matters | Brown Girl, You Belong

    So, I quit my job. Three months ago, I became debt free. Three days ago, I quit my job to travel indefinitely. And as I walked out of the Instagram offices for the last time, not gonna lie: I was a little sad to be dropping out of the rat race — not because I’d miss my old life, but because of a lil’ thing called representation. Of course, it’s exciting and sexy and deliciously middle-finger-to-the-man to drop life and travel. It does feel like a bragging point to be like, “Y’all have fun with your 13-meeting work days! And abusive relationships with Outlook! And cramping while climbing the corporate…

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    Dear 17-Year-Old Me That Was Afraid To Grow Up

    I wrote this on a plane an hour ago, and am sitting in the terminal publishing it, wildly unedited, because I know if I don’t do it now, I’ll get distracted and will never do it. Also, Trump is one of our presidential candidates. So, clearly, you just never GD know what’ll happen.   Dear 17-Year-Old-Me That Was Afraid To Grow Up, Dope. We’re talking! How crazy is that? Do I tell you to drop everything and go figure out leave-in conditioner ASAP? Nah. This won’t be that kind of letter. (But, like, after you read this.) I’m almost 27 now. Kind of revolting, right? What you don’t know — what you’ll…

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    26 Things I Know Now

    Hi! Hello. You look great! We have a lot to talk about. My life looks pretty different now. May I triptych? I’m excited because I just learned that word ok thanks.  WHAT I DID HOW I DID IT WHY I DID IT That is my last 2 months in the world’s wee-est nutshell. I just turned 26—if you just politely mumbled happiburtdae with your brain, then thank you—and I’m super grateful for it. Not just because I think it’s a vastly sexier number than clunky, frumpy, no-one-invited-you 25, but because it feels like I’ve gotten over some sort of twentysomething hump. (And the literal, physical move away from where I spent my messy baby-twenties helps,…

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    Love = Aliens: A Conspiracy Theory

    I have this one Note on my phone (good ol’ Notes app!) that I’ve kept since, oh, September 2012, in which I exclusively write any feelings I encounter on the subway. That baby’s a good 12-15 swipes long. This is a snippet of a recent D-train brain-blip. Happy reading! ——— So. I don’t happen to be in love right now (and I find being in love to be a very distinct and rare privilege, so everyone calm down with your single-shaming), but I certainly have been. I think. And every now and then, I get wee glances of what it was like, and I momentarily blackout. Like a camera flash. Blindsided for…

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    Operación Meditación: Day 45

    Here’s something I’ve sorta kept on the DL: I’ve been cuh-ruuushing my New Year’s resolutions. . I think it has something to do with saying nothing about it to (practically) no one, but #gatdamngatdamn, it’s been almost two skraight months of excellence. . Since January 3rd, I’ve been: