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    26 Things I Know Now

    Hi! Hello. You look great! We have a lot to talk about. My life looks pretty different now. May I triptych? I’m excited because I just learned that word ok thanks.  WHAT I DID HOW I DID IT WHY I DID IT That is my last 2 months in the world’s wee-est nutshell. I just turned 26—if you just politely mumbled happiburtdae with your brain, then thank you—and I’m super grateful for it. Not just because I think it’s a vastly sexier number than clunky, frumpy, no-one-invited-you 25, but because it feels like I’ve gotten over some sort of twentysomething hump. (And the literal, physical move away from where I spent my messy baby-twenties helps,…

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    Love = Aliens: A Conspiracy Theory

    I have this one Note on my phone (good ol’ Notes app!) that I’ve kept since, oh, September 2012, in which I exclusively write any feelings I encounter on the subway. That baby’s a good 12-15 swipes long. This is a snippet of a recent D-train brain-blip. Happy reading! ——— So. I don’t happen to be in love right now (and I find being in love to be a very distinct and rare privilege, so everyone calm down with your single-shaming), but I certainly have been. I think. And every now and then, I get wee glances of what it was like, and I momentarily blackout. Like a camera flash. Blindsided for…

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    Operación Meditación: Day 45

    Here’s something I’ve sorta kept on the DL: I’ve been cuh-ruuushing my New Year’s resolutions. . I think it has something to do with saying nothing about it to (practically) no one, but #gatdamngatdamn, it’s been almost two skraight months of excellence. . Since January 3rd, I’ve been:

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    Check Yo’ Selfie B4 U Wreck Yo’ Selfie

    While personally, the idea of taking my own selfie and posting it up, in all seriousness, for people to appraise makes me want to vomit generously in my mouth, there’s something to be said about the serial selfie-er. Something in my brain says GOD NO, while something makes hers clap and scream YAAAAASSS. She’s singin’ along to some song I can’t hear. She’s at some swag-party that I wasn’t invited to. Can’t help but wonder about those different strokes. But anyway, the question being asked is, WTF, SELFIES?  Let’s look at the arguments here.

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    How I Made 2013 My B…est Friend

    I was rifling through an old journal (by old, I mean 2012 – I smash through roughly 4 a year), and I noticed something pressed between the pages of last-winter-ish. I pulled it out. I lol’d. (Don’t judge me! This is a safe space. …MOM.) .

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    What It’s Like To Grow Up (as illustrated by my Blackberry)

    So, listen, shut up for a minute. It’s my 6th month-aversary in the “real world.” And I feel I’m in a good place to tell you one unwavering truth I’ve learned about becoming an adult. Ready? . They make you… . …Get naked. . Well, okay, seriously. In every way possible, you are peeled like a banana. You know how you never realize how cold it is in the morning until you take off your blanket? It’s like that. For the first time, you’re let out of that cocoon of don’t-have-to-think-about-it-yet, of structured deadlines and structured social gatherings and structured communities, of everything you’ve known your whole life essentially being…

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    Creator’s Block

    Letting my brain wander tonight, I used MindNode to map out an issue that’s been plaguing me for the last few months or so. I tried to be as true to my real thought process as possible. I’d really, really love some help on this. Basically: I get an idea and I want so badly to act on it. But the creative process gets blown up bigger and bigger and bigger in my head, until I feel so overwhelmed and distracted that I just run away, get on Facebook, watch The Office. By the end, I get half-finished drafts and double the contained-creativity anxiety I began with. . BLEGH. .…

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    Growing (Com)p(l)ains

    There’s a quicksand made of routine and self-doubt that pulls at the eyes of many adults I pass, every day, on the D train, on the A train. I’m fortunate enough to work in an office where virtually everyone dreamt of making it there, and are working their tails off to make something of their moment. But for far too many, adulthood isn’t so gracious. Is that bad luck or a lacking? There’s a food coma made of disappointment and shouldas that has so many grown ups’ eyes glazed over. People get a lot of good-enough out here, plenty of okay-I-guess to pick through. The chase for incredible seems funny…