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Hello, I’m Obsessed With This Personal + Business Finance Course

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Raise your hand if you’re a budding entrepreneur or freelancer who wishes someone’s course would hold you sweetly as you navigate the jungles of personal finance and business bookkeeping.

Yes? Are we all here?
Excellent. Let’s begin.

One of the most joyous parts about crawling into the personal finance world – especially as a former “I’ll Never Understand Finance” person – is meeting all the incredible creators in the field who I think totally break the mold of money nerds. Super-extra bonus points when the course is taught by women and/or femme and/or people of color.

So when a money-mind hero of mine, Paco De Leon at The Hell Yeah Group, hollered about her new online finance course, I was like I want to go to there.



Her course is called How to Not Freak Out About Finance, and, mm. Don’t you already feel that name in your bones?

Paco was nice enough to let me take a spin at this 12-chapter cake of financial advisory goodness. I inhaled it. Lemme tell you how it went — and keep reading find out whether or not it’s for you (cause I got a present for you, if so).


TL;DR: If you’re a n00bie freelancer, entrepreneur or small business owner looking for a clear, no-fluff, minimalist-feels walkthrough on personal finance and bookkeeping? Paco’s course is worth the investment. Use the code “FRIENDSOFBERNA” to grab dat 20% discount, though.




What’s this thang about?

How to Not Freak Out About Finance is an online course specifically designed to help creative entrepreneurs manage money – that’s us freelancers, digital nomads, small business owners, DIY-career-y folks. Managing money is already confusing as hell, and to put your work finances on top of it can be (dry heave). This course is meant to guide you in the absolute basics of both personal and business finance, without losing your mind on either side.


HTNFOAF on Teachable – I haven’t felt this academically excited since Underwater Basket Weaving at Berkeley (a real class)



What’s in the course?

The course is run through Teachable, a super simple platform that’s basically like an online school. The course itself is made up of 12 chapters, and each chapter has a short & goes-down-easy video narrated by Paco herself. Each chapter is also accompanied by one PDF worksheet with homework-y prompts. There’s no time limit at all – you can study each chapter when you want, over and over, at your own pace.


Ugh. Dangit. Paco knows I love a good worksheet.



Is this course for me, tho?

If you’re only trying to figure out your personal banking – as in, you’re not a freelancer or a small business owner – then this is not your jam. There are incredible personal finance tips in here, but this package (and its price: $495 up front, or 5 x $100/month) are constructed specifically for us creatures ready to invest in our side-hustle-biz lives.

If you are a freelancer or beginnin’ entrepreneur like myself, then this is absolutely your jam. This is the basic, foundational, “How do I not f*ck up my finances from the start” tutorial that no one gives you when you decide to go solopreneur. Hug this to your chest like a lifesaver and swim to shore, baby.


‘Sthat you?! THAT’S YOU.



How was the course?

The most stand-out thing about the HTNFOAF course was its smooth simplicity. If you follow the Hell Yeah Group, you’ll know that Paco goes for a clean, clear, minimalist voice (unlike some loud-ass, wordy-ass personal finance creators we know…………. guilty), and it shines through in every chapter of this course.

Every time I started a chapter that intimidated me, like “Legal Help,” I was like, “Aw, crap. Here we go; buncha stuff I probably won’t understand.” And every time a chapter ended, I had the same reaction: “Oh. Wow. That went down so smoothly.” Paco feels like a friend who’s Been There and truly cares about not overwhelming you with shit you don’t need to know.



More than the incredibly bite-size breakdowns, more than Paco’s soothing verbal breakdown of each topic, what stood out to me was the feeling of competence she instills in you by the end of the course. She doesn’t stuff you or try to impress you with Every Known Fact about Everything; she gives you enough to feel confident about starting.

Each complicated thing — from Freelance Taxes to Estate Planning (WHAT) — was chopped up, distilled, and served up, easy bite by easy bite. By the end, you’re sated, but not stuffed. And most importantly, you feel like you’ve got your feet under you to keep moving.

And not to give it away, but the finale includes a lil’ bit of this:





Anything else I should know?

My only tip for those taking this course: Pause every few chapters and make sure you actually complete any To-Dos from what you’ve already read. I started speeding ahead to “finish” the whole course, but felt a little overwhelmed at my growing list of new ish to investigate.

You can stop and start at your leisure, so do that. Make sure you understand what you’ve learned, finish any homework she suggests, then pick it back up.



Aight, I’m into it. What about this discount?

The course is $495 up front, or $100/month for 5 months. To me, a great and budgetable starter investment to set you up for the rest o’ your biz-life.
But you know Felicia loves a good budget bargain, right?

I’ve got a 20% discount code as a gift for putting up with me. HEH.
Follow this link and pop in the code FRIENDSOFBERNA at checkout!



Y’all got any other finance resources for n00b entrepreneurs, freelancers and biz owners?


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