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7 Dope Personal Finance Experts Who Aren’t White Dudes

I asked a question on Facebook that’s been itching me for ages: Can anyone please recommend some awesome personal finance resources written by women, especially women of color?

Let me tap on the mic and clarify: Please, Lort, give me personal finance books, articles, podcasts, anything… not written by some white guy. PLEASE.



I had been poring over a few personal finance/investment-for-basic-b’s blogs and books, but they all seem to be written by white dudes. Er, well — one exception I read being “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” by Ramit Sethi, which is dope and he refers to his Indian upbringing often. His tone is also thoroughly Bro™, which is not my flavor, and he recommends a ton of old white dudes.

Not to say that that said white dudes don’t give solid advice, but, damn. It’s 2018, we get to be conscious of who we take advice from, and I’d love to take advice from someone who looks and lives like me. Don’t get me started on representation, y’all. I already went in on it, anyway.

(Also shoutout to the work put in by POC activists and allies before me, so that I can feel empowered enough to even make that request.)



Well, glory be to the Church of Wifi, because ask of the Internet and you shall receive. I was flooded with comments and PMs as my networks showed up armed to the teeth with recs on recs on recs of brilliant women and POC who produce money-minded content. Ever since then, I’ve gobbling up these recs like that creepy Lord of the Rings goblin at some secret cave feast.

But I realized, das selfish.

There’s a lil’ brown girl out there asking the same question, and she deserves a solid answer.

So, without further ado, I give you:


7 Dope Personal Finance Experts
Who Aren’t White Dudes


1. Paco De Leon + The Hell Yeah Group

Maybe it’s a getting-older thing, but these days, I crave straight-forward, no-bullshit advice more than ever. My friend Hassan recommended The Hell Yeah Group, a super-comprehensive platform giving all of the simple money breakdowns you’ve been too overwhelmed to say you need. Its creator, Paco De Leon, has a clean, simple style and a clean, simple voice. The whole setup just makes your brain go, Aaahhhhh.

Start with: Paco’s WTF Are Investments blog series. If you’re a total n00b like I was, straight up like, how do you spell investment? This. You. You need each other.


2. Farnoosh Torabi + So Money Podcast

Have you ever watched a super smart person on TV say all kinds of complicated money things and thought, “I get that you know your shit; I just wish you spoke in a language I understood?!” Farnoosh is that person for me. She’s that super polished finance expert, but one that has come down off of your TV and is talking to you like an actual human.

Start with: Farnoosh’s episode on helping your parents retire, because major shoutout to all my fellow children of first gen immigrants! This one was so relatable, I cried? Is that weird?!


3. Bitches Get Riches

It is really hard to find money + a language you speak — and one of my favorite languages is hilarity and total DGAF-ery. Enter Bitches Get Riches. From what I can tell, there are two super funny and smart women behind BGR, but they choose to remain anonymous (an increasingly popular move, i.e. recording artists Sia and H.E.R). Their content is wonderfully feminism-fueled, covers everything from finance to mental health to cheese cracker comparison, and often super NSFW. I love that I just wrote that sentence about finance-minded creators. THANK YOU, BITCHES.

Start with: 5 Things You Can Do Right F*#%ing Now For Your Finances. (What’d I tell ya?)


4. Gaby Dunn + Bad With Money Podcast

My friend Everic recommended the Bad With Money podcast and told me to thank him later. Y’know how no one ever actually does the thanking-later part? I loved Gaby Dunn so much I DID THE THANKING LATER. Gaby Dunn started off as That Person we all needed to ask the “dumb” money questions out loud. What made me fall in lurve was how she started exploring how finances affect different underprivileged communities, such as LGBTQ+ folks. So. Well. Done.

Start with: I inhaled her episode about money + modern weddings whilst in the middle of several other-peoples-weddings vortexes. I felt so ~seen~.


5. Jacquette Timmons + Financial Intimacy

Something I’m learning from the finance-fiend women I find: Pick a niche and go hard in the paint. I love that Jacquette Timmons’ thing is all about financial intimacy — aka, how you and your boo can talk honestly about money without Making It Weird. (Peter and I had a phat money talk before embarking on our debt-free warpath.) The last thing you want to do is commit to someone without knowing you’re taking on their crappy finance habits. Jacquette shows us the way.

Start with: Dive down her archive of Money + Love blogs and learn you some thangs.


6. Bari Tessler Linden + The Art of Money

I’ll always have a place in my heart’s wallet for Bari, because she’s one of the few women who somehow, amongst her crazy-busy hustle schedule, answered one of my random fangirl e-mails! (Shoutout to my friend Whitney for the initial tip.) We got to talkin’, and it went so well, she interviewed me as a Millennial voice in her Money Memoirs series. I looove her calm, earthy mindfulness approach to finance — she reminds me that my money brain is connected by string to my heart and soul, and helps it all feel less cold and calculated.

Start with: Have you ever heard of a money meditation? Right?! Her Money + Body Check-in is what made me want to Hail-Mary e-mail her in the first place.


7. Tiffany Aliche + The Budgetnista

I’ve crawled back into this article specifically to add someone I just learned about, but who also potentially just crawled out of my dreams. Like, I’ve been reading a lot about Greek goddesses and I think The Budgetnista might be the oft-forgotten personal finance muse. (I’m sure Zeus had an accountant. All that child support?) Even though she’s an incredibly accomplished and well-spotlit financial advisor, I watched one of Tiffany’s FB Lives about investment mistakes and felt like I was Skyping a hilarious, down-to-earth bestie. That’s a really good sign, y’all.

Start with: Her FB Live cast I mentioned, about a huge investment scam she recovered from. LOL with me, friends.


Bonus material: Here’s my original FB post with a ton more recommendations, if you’d like to explore yourself!


Now, a note: The folks I wrote about are those who I have personally studied/stalked/worshipped, but I know there are tons more out there. (I’m held back by annoying 24-hours-in-a-day mortal limitation and shit.)


Do you have any other recommendations for amazing women + WOC + POC in personal finance?




  • Stefanie OConnell

    Some of my favorites here but also check out Bola at Clever girl finance, Tonya Rapley, Sandy Smith, Jamilla Souffrant, Candice Marie at Young Yet Wise, Patrice a Washington, Dominique Broadway and the entire colorful money community

    • bernadetteanat

      *is taking quick and incessant notes* THANK YOU, Stefanie! The more I ask, the more I learn and uncover. This is so, so valuable. (Also, are you friends with Ben in NYC? I think he connected us via IG! I looove your short videos!)

    • bernadetteanat

      I AM YELLING. PIGGY! HOLY WHAT AN HONOR. Thank you!! I’m so glad you found this, as my Millennial ass was like, oh, they don’t have an FB or IG? ~So how do I even contact them…~ and totally forgot to do normal due diligence. I’m a loyal reader fa life. Thank you and Kitty for everything you do!

  • millionairedojo

    What does it matter what a person looks like if they’re giving good advice? I guess I understand feeling closer to someone of your own race but at the end of the day we’re all human. I am white and my martial arts instructor is black. I’ve never had an issue with him and have been satisfied with what he has taught me. I guess there might be a bit of lifestyle difference among the different races and money has a lot to do with lifestyle so I guess it might be nice to learn from someone with a similar lifestyle.

    • bernadetteanat

      Hi there! Thank you for asking, and I’m glad you did, as other folks may be wondering this, too. I used to think the same thing, that money advice doesn’t need to be connected to identity. But you’re totally right in that there’s often a HUGE lifestyle difference among the different races, because race and class are very much interwoven. I didn’t realize that race and representation DOES make a huge difference in money advice until I found these women.

      Suddenly, I found someone who was saying, “If you’re a child of a first generation Asian immigrant like me, you probably weren’t taught any basics about money because our families were too busy trying to assimilate and make sure your English wasn’t accented like theirs.” I was like, holy shit, yes — the white dudes in my books don’t address that. I found someone saying, “Women often leave their careers to have babies. Men don’t. Most retirement/investment plans out there are templated for a typical man’s career trajectory. Here’s how to change your investment/savings plan to fit you.” I was like, HOLY SHIT YES — again, none of my white dudes were addressing that, either. And, let’s be real: If tiny, brown, female me were to walk onto any trading floor, I’d be treated a lot differently than a white man would. Unfortunately, what a person looks like often dictates how people treat them, what opportunities they do and do not receive, and therefore, whether or not my life is at all relevant to theirs. There are (not always, but often) massive differences in the lived experiences of white Americans and American POC, especially immigrant POC, so the way we manage our money, and they way we give each other money advice, must reflect that.

  • Lydia Kirkes

    Love finding new money blogs! Just wanted to give a shout-out to The Fairer Cents podcast as well. They just got started in November 2017, so there’s not fiftymillion posts to catch up with. They explore feminism, mental health, gender roles, and personal finance.


    • bernadetteanat

      YYYYEESSS. Lydia, thank you!! This is awesome. Just subscribed to their podcast. Digging into women + POC + the finance world is like walking deeper and deeper into a mysterious cave, only to find that there have been folks posted up in there, having parties. So dope to find new inspirations! (Also, +1 for your use of fiftymillion. That’s the kind of math I like)

    • bernadetteanat

      YYYYAAAAASSS. Thank you! I’m keeping a running list of the new folks people suggest, and will probably do a sequel of this post because YAAA (crediting you for your suggestions, of course!). Turns out, all I had to do was shout into the Internet “WHERE ARE ALL THE NON-WHITE DUDES” and a few gems, like yourself, shout back “YO RIGHT OVER HERE.” Thank you so much!

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