Flip-Flopping, and Why I Changed My Mind About It

I used to base my drive for success behind one quote:

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

Then in my most recent read, Paradigm Lost by Anne Firth Murray, I found this:

“They were thinking of winning the game instead of changing the game; of dominance of others instead of relationships with others.
And they were offering no hope of peace, which seemed to me to be outrageous.”

One is about playing a game well. The other is about changing the game completely.
One quote is about manipulating the rules to your favor. The other is about making your own rules.
One makes you a participant; a contestant. But in the other, you are a leader.

I’ve changed my mind.

& That’s the most recent item on my List of Lies that Growing Adults Need to Unlearn: That you can’t be a flip-flopper. That you can’t change your mind. That you wear your convictions like your eye color, and any attempts to change it makes you a vain, ugly, single and unhappy and somehow overweight fraud.

But if I hadn’t changed my mind, I’d still be a “participant”. I’d just rather not “participate” my way through life.

flowerminiWhat have you changed your mind about lately?

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