Video: The Bechdel Test, and Why My Favorite Movie Sucks


This Is Informative, You Should Watch It of the Day: Feminist Frequency takes a look at how a significant number of blockbuster films we know and love are incapable of passing Dykes to Watch Out For’s Alison Bechdel’s “Bechdel Test,” which requires a film to fulfill all three of the following requirements:

#1. The film has to have at least two women in it
#2. Who talk to each other
#3. About something besides a man.

Pretty eye-opening stuff.


My first reaction?
“SEE?! THIS is why The Women is the sole movie poster in my room. Aside from the never-fails motivational soundtrack, there ain’t a single male in the whole damn film — except for a newborn beebee at the very end.
And you can’t extract much sexism from a newborn beebee.”


Right? Jada, that's how I feel
Right, Debi? I feel the same way

It passes the first requirement, definitely, but upon some thinkage:

  • The basis of the movie revolves around men defecating on the womens’ lives (husband, ex-husband, boss), suffering simultaneous mid-life breakdowns, and having to band together to deal.
  • The only non-male conversation I can off-top remember was about tampons.
  • And the one thing that brought them all together and opened the door to rolling-credits-ever-after… was a small, wrinkly, purple, placenta-attached male.
    • …Who was birthed while the lead female agreed to patch things up with her he-who-caused-this-mess-in-the-first-place hubby.
    • …Via Blackberry.


What’s it mean when a modern filmed called “The Women” is not really about women, but how women have to, choose to, are forced to, are bonded only when they, and are defined solely by how they… deal with men?
Is that really going to be the definition a film in our time to which we’ve assigned the grand title, “The Women“?

And, knowing that the film is a remake, maybe that gives the film even less of an excuse to perpetuate this man-centricity.

Like the kind video lady mentions,
this isn’t a roaring feminist cry for social overhaul.
It’s not even about the feminist viewpoint at all.
As a sociologist, as an alien studying the nuances of our species, as any pulse-bearing, remotely curious freakin’ human…
It’s just weird.


More women, more non-male conversation. That’s really freaking simple.
How is it that we’ve gotten so far that something as simple as that is rare?
What the hell are we doing?

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