The List, #3: Serendipity

3. Go to Serendipity 3 and order their famous Frozen Hot Chocolate!
Please take a picture of yourself enjoying the drink.
Don’t forget your DOZ gang signs.


A candid; as I was instructing John to not take any fugly candids.
But when you’re brain-frozen off of that wonderful concoction, fugly’s a given.

Forgive the lack of DOZ gang signs!
Do I want to endure another 1.5 hr wait to throw up hand gestures that may/may not get me killed in Uptown?
Well… seeing as we spent that wait frolicking about Dylan’s Candy Bar down the street (think: Willy Wonka, in a sorority, during Rush Week, IV-fed from a bag of melted Skittles and small childrens’ laughter), the answer may/may not be hell yes.

And if I may/may not continue to paint nonsensical pictures para ti, Serendipity 3 is an incredibly charming, closet-sized restaurant where the contents of your everyday garage sale have been glued to the ceiling.
All of the toilets had pull-chains.
All of the waiters had sass.
And the night’s music included everything from Billy Joel to Lil’ Jon.
That, plus candy coma from Dylan’s Candy Bar, plus having just gotten up from a sundried nap on Central Park’s Great Lawn (think: Woodstock, minus the drugs) — Upper East Side, if you had a Facebook page, I might Like you.


You probably wouldn’t like me back.
I ain’t mad at it.

2 thoughts on “The List, #3: Serendipity

  1. I LOVE YOU.

    Isn’t that frozen hot chocolate amaaaazing?? YUM! 😀

    Hope you’re having the time of your life, girl :).

    1. FALSE, I LOVE YOU. That frozen hot chocolate blew my face off, and also those of the adorable Texan family next to us. So, all in all, double doses of Texas (them, Juan — triple, counting you) and frozen hot chocolate. It was, indeed, Serendipity.

      Excuse me while I continue to live my life vicariously through your videos/blog.

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