Had a thought today.

We’re at our prime, guys.

Playing is great, playing is necessary, but playing cannot distract us. These are the years when adults lose their inner-kid; their spark. This post-pubescent plateau is where the quarter life crisis causes twenty-somethings to write off their fear-clogged dreams as impractical, impossible; this is where grown-ups start to glaze over. This is where the jaded working-class starts to make excuses and lets life trample ‘em and they come out like, “Well, whaddayagonnado.” This is where woulda-coulda-shoulda starlets start becoming STAGE MOMS, PEOPLE.


And I think we’re in a really unique position to foresee that and GTFO, ASAP.

We need to start deciding what we’re all about, need to choose to bring whatever you dug about your child-senses and make a conscious effort to carry it over, need to put adult effort behind kid fantasies and keep the impossible alive,

before “adulthood” and mediocrity wring it out of us.

One chance, kids.

I think we only get one chance, these really short years, to save ourselves like this; clearly, we’re not getting any younger. It’s just, I’ve seen what “the real world” has done to some incredible dreamers and I don’t want to let it happen to us. Maybe I’m being dramatic; maybe if we let this pass we’ll relapse when we’re older, but HEY — I might not be there to REMIND you!

I’m seeing and feeling my peers and myself being pulled into the numbing humdrums of half-meaningless 9-5’s out of desperation and unimagination and boredom, stuck in both employed AND unemployed limbo because they didn’t prepare, didn’t think, and there’s no way in hell you’re putting me behind some windowless desk unless it’s for such a good reason that I purposefully clawed my way to it.

We need to start asking ourselves:

  • How do I want to connect people?
  • How do I want to live out my own theories about interconnection? About faith in humans? About what I think we can achieve?
  • How can I say what hasn’t been said, the way only I can say it?
  • And most importantly: How can how I do it help someone?

I think can sum it up pretty well by the last line of a poem I heard tonight.



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