You-Kulele: Let Me Write You a Song

I’m gonna start songwriting.
About you.

Allow me to explain.

I’m taking this incredible Occupational Therapy class called the Creativity Workshop (God I love being a senior). Our final project challenge: To engage in something you’ve never done before.
I’ve picked mine.

Look we're twins.
Look we're twins.

Problems: A Void & an Opportunity

  • I don’t play my uke enough and outside of career-related ventures, I don’t have many just-because art outlets.
  • I’ve met some incredibly magnetic, infinitely interesting people and I just let them wave and pass me by between classes.
  • I am itching, 2-week-old-jock-strap ITCHING, to have deeper conversations with said specimens. Hint: Everyone is one of those specimens.

Solution: I’m calling it YouKulele

  1. I pick 3 people (you’re in my crosshairs)
  2. We talk one-on-one about life over a lot of awful food and very likely, boba
  3. I write an original ukulele piece about my favorite thing about them. (And then one about myself!)

Approximate rendition of finished product(s)
Approximate rendition of finished product(s)

I’m telling you now because you can hold me accountable. I’ve talked about it and now I must walk about it. I was shamed into you-suck-as-a-poet land at a young age (long story), so this kind of freaks me out… But lately, I’ve learned to run screaming towards things that freak me out. I really want this as a fun challenge for myself, and I really want to dig deeper into my favorite thing: the hidden, colorful, need-a-longer-stick-to-find-it-that’s-what-she-said depths of normal people.

By the end of this, I’ll have at least 3 original songs and have done something that I used to think, “I’ll never have the chops for that.” I thank you, JBeibs, for your inspiration.

Gonna start contacting potential victims this week — if I ping you, please be openminded, and know that I’m buying the food.
Send me your songwriting-savvy warm fuzzies, and wish me luck!



PS: Wondering where I’ve been?
Oh, just embarrassing myself in the name of PROUDgirls via Facebook video.

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