Roast Duck

Today was an uncharacteristically clear day for South City. It’s my last day here, so I bought some pastries at Valerio’s and went to sit on my favorite wall with a view of the entire town (plus a Blu-Ray showing of takeoffs & landings at SFO). This spot reminds me of Alexis Bledel in… virtually every role she’s ever played. Startlingly beautiful but very quiet and waiting for you to come to her.
I sat on that wall for a very long time, watching planes and thinking out the last few weeks & next few months.
My current life as Sandy Cheeks on that one hibernation episode of Spongebob.
My immediate future as Ugly Betty Berna. (TOO REAL)

My concluding thought:
I’ve been sitting. For a very long time.
I’m ready to get up now.


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