Eat Play Lunge, Day 1: What It Actually Do

Greetings! So, okay. Here’s what the hell is going on with me: 

  • Last Friday was my last day as Executive Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen magazine.
  • I don’t technically start my new job – Teen Camp Director at the YMCA of Greater New York — until June. 
  • So I’m taking a few weeks off to reset. And by reset, I mean Eat, Play & Lunge my way through Bangkok, Tokyo, Honolulu – all with my mama; hate on, haters – & my hometown o’ San Francisco. (I don’t know, man; I lunge when I get excited. It’s my spirit gesture.)

Hence, my friends: #EatPlayLunge! 

(For all you non-twentysomething-females, it’s a play on Eat Pray Love GET WITH IT GOD KAREN YOU’RE SO STUPID)

Turns out my travelin’ mama is really into taking naps, so I’m gonna try to updizzle when I have the chance (and the wifi). Ready?


Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand
Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand | Squish-kneed Torture Chamber
This is me showing you the kinds of leg exercises I did up & down the main cabin during our ten (Ten. Like… actual, ten) hour flight. It’s fine, guys—I passed the time reading 73% of the Lonely Planet Bangkok guide on my Kindle, like a real-life twenty-something douchebaguette.


Bangkok Marriot Sukhumvit | Our, Um, Bathroom
Bangkok Marriot Sukhumvit | Our Bathroom, You Guize, GROW UP
This is me giving my mom panic sweats in our so-new-it’s-terrifying hotel room. Everything smells like Ikea packaging! Shoutout to Lonely Planet—thanks to their weird tips, I knew to steer my mom away from airport limo scams & into a metered taxi, saving us about 1000 Baht! …Which is basically a Mocha Frap in US dollars.



Chatuchak Market | I Am Sweat, Sweat Is Me
Chatuchak Market | I Am Sweat, Sweat Is Me
This is me making the locals giggle in the world’s sweatiest sweat market where they sell dreams and sweat. On the way, we befriended a group of study abroad students from Michigan (you guys, my mom and I can befriend fire hydrants.), and they took to calling my mom “Mom.” You can imagine the locals’ confusion, what with various tall, blonde kids shouting “Mom! MOM!” at us every few yards. #America


Sukhumvit, Bangkok | I Don't Know, Man, The Concierge Said It Was Chill
Sukhumvit, Bangkok | I Don’t Know, Man, The Concierge Said It Was Chill
This is me doing an interpretive dance to the Thai Gods after going IN on some local street cart fare, begging them to not bestow upon us The Runs. Our bodies are already so confused after our 4-hour afternoon nap. You guys, look how my hair is eating that Thai man. This place is NUTS. 


Y’all, the locals we’ve encountered are so… namaste. In NYC, everyone wears their struggle right on their face; on the NYC subway, every car has its Crier, its Visibly Agitated, its Belligerent and Questionably Smelly. But ’twasn’t an irritable face to be found in Bangkok’s ridiculously-user-friendly skyrail. Everyone’s chill. Everyone’s polite. Everyone’s friggin’ behaved
It was THE WORST. (No, it was friggin’ lovely.)


I feel insanely lucky, and also sweaty, overstimulated and meaningful-gazey. Stay tuned, chai ka?
(If you’re on Instagrizzle, follow me @heyberna & #eatplaylunge!)

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