The Question Game: When Travel Gets Hella Boring

Foghorn Berna here to remind you, on full volume comin’ thru Beats by Dre headphones:

Driving through an entire country with your favorite person for 3 months straight

I don’t care how close you and your partner are; I’m not listening to how late you and your boo stayed up talking during your honeymoon phase ~talking about everything.~ Come get this life in a used stationwagon driving anywhere from 7 minutes to 7 hours a day, and multiply it by the 65 days we’ve been on the road? Your inside jokes and Hamilton playlist can only get you so far, re: sanity.


Originally these were our Pancake faces for the Pancake Rocks behind us, but they’re also sort of bored emojis, too


However, I do feel like I’ve lucked out. Peter is one of those people who’ll shoot out that group question at dinner that makes everyone put their forks down and examine their whole lives. Pair that with our combined 20+ years of experience with youth programming – ain’t nothing like trying to quietly entertain a bunch of 17-year-old boys so they stop punching each other in the nuts – and I must say: We are quite good at the Question Game.  

There are the boring Question Game go-to’s – the “What’s your most embarrassing moment” basics – and then there are the jams that make you go, “Damn. It’s like that?” Below are our greatest hits.

They work not just on road trips, but on long hikes, obnoxious queues for tourist attractions, or when you’re just trying to distract yourselves in the camp kitchen when there’s a couple in the corner bickering loudly in German. (Not that I understood anything, but dude, stand down.)




Whip out this question list on your next road trip and/or terrible date:

  • If you could combine the voices of any two woman singers, which would they be? How about male? How about any gender or non-binary person?
  • If you could give your future child your 3 best characteristics, which would you choose?
  • If you could give your future child the best characteristics from your mom, which would you choose? Your dad? Your siblings? Your best friend?
  • What characteristics would you not want your kid to get from you?
  • Imagine you met [INSERT MUSICAL ARTIST], and they liked you so much, they offered to sing any of their songs for you acapella. (Or acoustic. A guitar guy shows up.) What would you choose?
  • If you could take any college course taught anywhere in the world by anyone you want – living or dead; you are making this up entirely – what would it be?
  • What’s the biggest trouble you’ve ever gotten into? What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever gotten away with?
  • If any meal could drop down from a silver parachute in the sky, like the Hunger Games (RIP Willow), what would it be?
  • What TV theme songs do you know by heart? You know you have to sing them now, right?


We’ve still got half a country to drive through, and Beyonce-knows how many more countries this year — we’ll keep this updated as the Q’s keep rollin’!




2 thoughts on “The Question Game: When Travel Gets Hella Boring

  1. Just asked my partner the bellybutton question and got into a hardcore debate about whether or not crunchy peanut butter counts as a sauce. And if so, would it just clog up your belly button all the time? So is it even worth the trouble?

    It’s the best conversation we had all day!

    1. HAHAHA. YES. I *looove* when people get into the texture/material of the bellybutton. Really feels like I’m affecting important change in the world 🤣

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