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    How One Compliment Changed Literally Everything

    I'm sitting here torn between wanting to cry and wanting to moisturize my goosebumps. You ever get that? Let me back up. Out of pure and procrastinate curiosity, I was scrolling through my unpublished Wordpress drafts when this precocious title caught my eye: The Greatest Day of My Journalistic Life. Last edited: June 24, 2010. I settled in to LOL, but what I actually found made my breath catch. I had stepped back in time to an incredibly intimate and pivotal life moment for baby-me. It was the first day I ever felt seen. Allow me to set the scene.

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    #YouthNotes: America, Do Better

    It’s high-time for another round of #YouthNotes, where I hang with as many youth workers in as many countries as possible, tryna learn about the communities of young minds that they serve. (If you’re confused, read up more here!) In this installment, we hopped down to Wellington and explored an age-old question: Ok, but are you legit? In the US, lawyers have to pass the dreaded Bar to practice law; each state has its own rules of certification if you want to teach. What happens when a whole country agrees to certain standards you must pass in order to mold young minds as a youth worker? In Wellington, we learned about a…

  • A filipino american woman in tech on her first day at a tech company, lunging in front of a poster that says "This Is Your Company Now." This woman quit her job to travel two years later.
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    #YouthNotes: An Intro

    You know how people say stuff like, Find out what makes you come alive, or Do what you love and let it kill you? My answer’s been set for a while: Youth empowerment. Teen programming. Supporting under-served populations of young geniuses. My work with young creators, especially through social work and after school/summer camp programming, has both kicked me alive and steamrolled the ever-living snot out of me — and I’m still in love. That’s a decent sign, right?     Helping young people believe in their magic has been my north star. And, wonderfully, it’s Peter’s, too. Peter taught youth writing workshops in New York and Michigan; served in the Peace…

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    Dear 17-Year-Old Me That Was Afraid To Grow Up

    I wrote this on a plane an hour ago, and am sitting in the terminal publishing it, wildly unedited, because I know if I don’t do it now, I’ll get distracted and will never do it. Also, Trump is one of our presidential candidates. So, clearly, you just never GD know what’ll happen.   Dear 17-Year-Old-Me That Was Afraid To Grow Up, Dope. We’re talking! How crazy is that? Do I tell you to drop everything and go figure out leave-in conditioner ASAP? Nah. This won’t be that kind of letter. (But, like, after you read this.) I’m almost 27 now. Kind of revolting, right? What you don’t know — what you’ll…

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    Ish My Teens Say: #DroptheMic

    So, this is my blog, right? I type things, I humblebrag, and here you are, subjecting yourself to it because you’re polite and curious but most likely just bored. But, you guys. My teens; the youth I get to work with and advocate for? So many times a day, I wish-wrapped-in-a-wish-wrapped-in-a-wish I could live broadcast my job into All the Internets. Because the things they say would break your face. And today was an incredible example of that.  

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    Check Yo’ Selfie B4 U Wreck Yo’ Selfie

    While personally, the idea of taking my own selfie and posting it up, in all seriousness, for people to appraise makes me want to vomit generously in my mouth, there’s something to be said about the serial selfie-er. Something in my brain says GOD NO, while something makes hers clap and scream YAAAAASSS. She’s singin’ along to some song I can’t hear. She’s at some swag-party that I wasn’t invited to. Can’t help but wonder about those different strokes. But anyway, the question being asked is, WTF, SELFIES?  Let’s look at the arguments here.