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    How I Was Scared Shitless (But Did It Anyway)

    Alright, so: I was going to do a whole recap post of the last few days — the 36 hours of travel, our 15-mile jaunt through Auckland, how mind-blowing it is to finally put our feet down half-way across the world in accomplishment of a hard-earned dream. But then I realized that there’s a huge topic to cover, a whole feelings-chapter to honor, that encompassed most of my waking days before leaving — one that I had lowkey resented so many hyper-idealistic travel bloggers for not talking about in their pursuit of perfect-life documentation. It’s fear. It’s how I was really, really scared. It’s the uncharacteristic, full-body resistance I felt…

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    Why Representation Matters | Brown Girl, You Belong

    So, I quit my job. Three months ago, I became debt free. Three days ago, I quit my job to travel indefinitely. And as I walked out of the Instagram offices for the last time, not gonna lie: I was a little sad to be dropping out of the rat race — not because I’d miss my old life, but because of a lil’ thing called representation. Of course, it’s exciting and sexy and deliciously middle-finger-to-the-man to drop life and travel. It does feel like a bragging point to be like, “Y’all have fun with your 13-meeting work days! And abusive relationships with Outlook! And cramping while climbing the corporate…

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    Where Are The Brown/Funny/Honest Travel Bloggers?

    Hi, friends! Berna here. I’m the brown one in the obnoxious banner up top. If you’re confused, here’s more about us, and here’s more about me. Let’s dive right in, shall we? Like a true type-A child of first-generation immigrants slash overachieving Bay Area Millennial Asian (SHE’S ASIAN?!), the second Peter and I decided to Do This Thing, I did my Favorite Thing: I dove mouth-first into hours of obsessive travel bloggers’ research. We had a thousand questions — How does a functional human budget for a year of travel? Do they sell tampons in Jakarta? Which pancreas do people typically sell to fund an Australian work visa? Thankfully, the…

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    What’s (in) my Bag? – Peter

    When I first left for college an entire car was filled with things I thought I couldn’t live without. When I left for the Peace Corps I had two checked bags and a large pack. Moving to San Francisco I brought a duffel and backpack. For this trip, I’ll be bringing one bag. Understanding what’s important when travelling is different for everyone. For me, being able to have everything on my back and ready for multiple weather situations is key. My packing lists have evolved over the years and below is my most recent iteration. A lot of these items I’ve had for years and some I bought for this…

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    Dear 17-Year-Old Me That Was Afraid To Grow Up

    I wrote this on a plane an hour ago, and am sitting in the terminal publishing it, wildly unedited, because I know if I don’t do it now, I’ll get distracted and will never do it. Also, Trump is one of our presidential candidates. So, clearly, you just never GD know what’ll happen.   Dear 17-Year-Old-Me That Was Afraid To Grow Up, Dope. We’re talking! How crazy is that? Do I tell you to drop everything and go figure out leave-in conditioner ASAP? Nah. This won’t be that kind of letter. (But, like, after you read this.) I’m almost 27 now. Kind of revolting, right? What you don’t know — what you’ll…

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    26 Things I Know Now

    Hi! Hello. You look great! We have a lot to talk about. My life looks pretty different now. May I triptych? I’m excited because I just learned that word ok thanks.  WHAT I DID HOW I DID IT WHY I DID IT That is my last 2 months in the world’s wee-est nutshell. I just turned 26—if you just politely mumbled happiburtdae with your brain, then thank you—and I’m super grateful for it. Not just because I think it’s a vastly sexier number than clunky, frumpy, no-one-invited-you 25, but because it feels like I’ve gotten over some sort of twentysomething hump. (And the literal, physical move away from where I spent my messy baby-twenties helps,…

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    Ish My Teens Say: #DroptheMic

    So, this is my blog, right? I type things, I humblebrag, and here you are, subjecting yourself to it because you’re polite and curious but most likely just bored. But, you guys. My teens; the youth I get to work with and advocate for? So many times a day, I wish-wrapped-in-a-wish-wrapped-in-a-wish I could live broadcast my job into All the Internets. Because the things they say would break your face. And today was an incredible example of that.  

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    Love = Aliens: A Conspiracy Theory

    I have this one Note on my phone (good ol’ Notes app!) that I’ve kept since, oh, September 2012, in which I exclusively write any feelings I encounter on the subway. That baby’s a good 12-15 swipes long. This is a snippet of a recent D-train brain-blip. Happy reading! ——— So. I don’t happen to be in love right now (and I find being in love to be a very distinct and rare privilege, so everyone calm down with your single-shaming), but I certainly have been. I think. And every now and then, I get wee glances of what it was like, and I momentarily blackout. Like a camera flash. Blindsided for…